(1) Promoting a healthy community by building bike lanes throughout town.

Eduardo believes that a healthy community is a prosperous community. As a Quincy City Councilmember, Eduardo will support investing in bike lanes and paths for the benefit of our town.

(2) Building pedestrian bridges to increase community safety.

Eduardo has made protecting our town’s residents — particularly our children and our elderly a priority — by installing pedestrian bridges across critical points of Highways 28 and 281 — which divide our town from east to west and north to south, respectively.

(3) Continuing the effort of constructing a community indoor sports facility.

Eduardo supports investing in our community by continuing the effort to install a community indoor sports facility, which will provide Quincy’s families and residents with recreational opportunities year-round.

(4) Establishing a farmworker appreciation week.

As the son of farmworkers and as a former Quincy farmworker, himself, Eduardo understands the sacrifices made by agricultural workers. Eduardo believes that Quincy’s farmworkers—the backbone of Quincy’s agricultural industry—should be honored for their labor through an annual farmworker appreciation week.

(5) Installing a community garden.

Eduardo supports the construction of a community garden in Quincy. Eduardo understands that community gardens allow for the creation of social ties and build a greater feeling of community connections, and also help reduce crime and will empower our town’s residents.

(6) Promoting the arts.

Eduardo supports the arts. Eduardo believes that every student in Quincy’s schools should have opportunities to express their artistic talents. As a Quincy City Councilmember, Eduardo will work closely with the community to ensure that these opportunities are available for all.

(7) Repurposing a city park to honor Quincy’s military veterans.

Eduardo wants to expand Quincy’s current monument to our town’s storied military community. As a Quincy City Councilmember, Eduardo will fight to repurpose a city park and establish a family-friendly site to honor Quincy’s military veterans.

(8) Repealing city ordinance 14-331 which prohibits retail stores and sale of cannabis in all use districts of Quincy.

The days of cannabis prohibition in Washington state are long gone, yet Quincy is being left behind in the past. In 2014, the Quincy City Council voted to ban commercial sale of cannabis products within city limits in a 4-3 vote. As a Quincy City Councilmember, Eduardo will work with his colleagues to repeal this ordinance, support economic diversity, and provide tax revenue for our community through sale of these products.

(9) Reaffirming Quincy’s commitment to racial equity, diversity, and justice.

As a Quincy City Councilmember, Eduardo will create and support efforts that strive for an equitable community by creating opportunities for dialogue among all our town’s residents.

(10) Supporting Quincy’s first responders and healthcare professionals (police, fire, & medical).

Eduardo thanks our town’s brave first responders for their service. As an Army National Guardsman, Eduardo has had the opportunity to work alongside many law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Eduardo understands their commitment and sacrifice, and will do everything within his ability to support them in Quincy.

Eduardo sends a special thank you to all the frontline medical professionals for their tireless dedication to our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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